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Immokalee Lodge inducted 30 new ordeal members at the Fall 2005 Ordeal and added 9 new brotherhood members.

A Photograph of Devin Hutchinson (Lodge VP) shaking hands with President Bush is featured on the main page of the BSA Legal Website at .  A copy is also on the Past Events page which can be accessed by taking the link to the left.  If you have any other pictures of lodge members at the Jambo, please email them to me to be added.


From OA National

     .  Standardized lodge software is to be issued at 2006 NOAC.


LEC May 1st, 2005

     .  Work day at Camp Osborn is May 14th, 2005

  Exceptional First-Year Arrowman's Award:


     .  The Exceptional First-Year Arrowman's Award form can be seen and printed (pdf format) by clicking:  Exceptional First Year Arrowman's Award     


      November 2004 LEC News:

         .  The Christmas banquet will be December 4th at Camp Osborn.  A brotherhood conversion will be done the afternoon of the Christmas banquet.  A letter will be sent out shortly.           

     Fall 2004 Ordeal News:

     . 2005 officers are:  David Scott, Chief, Patrick Johnson, VC-Programs & Service; Devin Hutchinson, VC-Ceremonies, Trevor Fennell, Secretary, Emory Greene, Historian

     . New ordeal members are:  Mason Sheffield, Bryan Heller, Daniel Van Oteghem, Aaron Morgan, Jordan Knighton, Dustin Mahler, Janet Abernathy, Benjamin Lee, Adam Dubose, David Drawdy, Issac Vickers, Andrew Horne, Trevor Hohrst, Mario McCray, Joseph Weinstein, Brandon Worthy, Mason Frierson, Becky McFarling, Nick Moore, Marcus Miller, James Hession, Hunter Little, Brandon Fuller, John Carroll, Thomas Ledbetter, Jeffery Walker, Sheldon Andersosn, David Bridges, Cory Lord

     .  New Brotherhood members are:  Dustin Walker, Robert Webster, Brandon Bell, Joe McKinney, Stephen Tuller, Ben Davis.


LEC August 8th, 2004

     . The Ceremony Team and Ceremony Support Team were split into two separate teams.  Miki Hutchinson is the Advisor for the Ceremony Team and Mike Greene is the Advisor for the Ceremony Support Team

     . Trail ride September 4th, 2004 at Camp Osborn

     . First Vice-chief is now the Vice-chief for Programs and Second Vice-chief is not the Vice-chief for Ceremonies.

     .  Next LEC is at the Fall Ordeal.

LEC May 23, 2004

      .  The LEC voted to discontinue Chapters.  Unit elections will be handled by an Elections Committee.

      .  Callout at summer camp will be done by OA members on Camp staff and use Plains indian dress rather than Creek indian dress.

      .  There will be a Brotherhood conversion at summer camp.

      .  Fall Ordeal is September 10-12, 2004.

Section S4N 2004 News

      .  Patrick Johnson, Troop 3 Albany and son of Mike Johnson Vigil member of Immokalee Lodge, was elected Section Secretary at the 2004 Section Conclave in April.  This makes the second section officer we have had in the three years of the existence of S4N.  Congratulations to Patrick!


April 17th LEC News

     . Conclave is next weekend.  Bring tents.  Be at Camp Osborn Friday at 3:30 pm as the bus leaves at 4:00 pm exactly.  (Yes, you will be left behind if you are late, ask Ernest Ausby if you have any doubts.) 

     .  If you did not get a letter with what to bring email Sam Thompson for a list.  This probably also means your money was lost at the scout office and Sam needs to check.

     .  We have between 32 and 35 brothers going with us to Conclave.

     .  The very next weekend after Conclave is the Council camporee at Camp Osborn.  At the request of the Council, the lodge is running the 'chuck wagon' from 11-2 for hamburgers and hot dogs and from 2 to 4 for drinks and snacks.   As those of you who helped two years ago will remember we cooked in knee deep water due to the heaviest rainfall at Camp Osborn in years.  We expect dryer weather this year. If you can help let Jason Adams know.  Even if you are going with your troop you can get away for an hour or two to help the lodge and the council.

     .  Sam promises to have the Winter Pow Wow patches for those who attended to give out at the conclave.  If you attended the Winter Pow Wow and don't get one remind Sam.

News from the March 6th, 2004 LEC:

.  There will be a brotherhood conversion each week at summer camp this year.  If you went through the Ordeal in 2003 you will be eligible to become brotherhood at that time.

.  The lodge will return to a fall and spring ordeal.  The fall ordeal for 2004 will be in late September or early October.  Sam Thompson will find a date in coordination with the council calendar.

.  The Winter Pow Wow will return to the last weekend in January for 2005.

.  We have 32 members registered to attend Conclave in April.  We will be taking the Troop 21 bus which will leave from Camp Osborn.  More information will be sent later.

.  There will be no NOAC 2004 contingent from Immokalee Lodge but Jason Adams our Lodge Chief will be on staff.  NOAC 2006 will be at Michigan State University July 29 to August 6, 2006 .  There will be no NOAC in 2008 as it has been moved to 2009.  Several years ago BSA voted to move the Jamboree which normally would have been held in 2009 to 2010 which is the 100th  anniversary of scouting.  2010 was also a NOAC year.  2015 is also the 100th  anniversary of the OA.  Last year the National Committee of the Order of the Arrow voted to move the 2008 NOAC to 2009 to put the NOACs in sync with the changed Jamboree (to 2010) and because it will put a NOAC in 2015 which is the 100th anniversary of the OA.

.  The next LEC will be April 4th at 3:00 at Camp Osborn.


February 19, 2004

     .  Winter Pow Wow registration has been mailed.  If you did not get one email Sam Thompson.

 January 25, 2004 LEC Update

. Winter Pow Wow is now set for March 5-7th.  

.  You should have Section Conclave registrations.  If you don't email me Mike Greene

 January 10, 2004 LEC Update

.  The Winter Pow Wow has been moved until the last weekend in February or the first weekend in March.  The exact weekend will be known shortly as we are coordinating with Woodbadge.

 .  The winter horseride fundraiser is January 24th, 2004 at Camp Osborn.

 .  The annual Endurance Horse Event is the weekend of February 13, 2004 at Camp Osborn.  We need 30 people.  Please email Sam Thompson, Lodge Advisor, if you can help.  

.  Section Conclave is scheduled for April 23rd-25th, 2004 at Camp Alaflo, Dothan, AL (Cowikee Lodge #224).

.  NOAC is July 31, 2004 through Thursday, August 5, 2004 at the University of Iowa.  We are tentatively planning on flying rather than the making the long drive and Alapaha Lodge 545 has expressed an interest in traveling with us.  Information will be mailed shortly.  The cost with airfare will be somewhere between $800 and $900.

 .  The next LEC will be February 8 at 3:00.

      .  Ceremony Team 

If you are interested in joining the Immokalee Lodge Ceremony Team contact Devin Hutchinson at   Requirements can be found at:  Ceremony Team Flyer  Pictures of the team from the 2003 Fall Make-up Ordeal can be found at Events - Past

Updated from November 2003 Make-up Ordeal


2004 officers elected at the Fall Ordeal (November 22, 2003) were:

      Lodge Chief:       Jason Adams

1st Vice Chief:    Patrick Johnson

2nd Vice Chief:   Devin Hutchinson

Secretary:           Ryan Lacy

Historian:            Emory Greene 


Achewon Chapter Chief:   Jeremiah Talheimer

Chehaw Chapter Chief:     TBA

Kinchalee Chapter Chief:   TBA



Lodge Christmas Banquet at Camp Osborn on December 6th, 2003.  The registrations forms have been mailed.  



Updated from November 3rd, 2003 LEC


     November 21st to 23rd, 2003 - Fall Ordeal at Camp Osborn

          . Officer elections for 2004 at noon Saturday

          . Section S4N Officers are planning to attend


          * If you have not received a signup sheet by now email me *

      December 6th, 2003 - Lodge Christmas Banquet at Camp Osborn

      Return to Fall & Spring Ordeals       

On November 3rd, 2003, the LEC decided to return to the fall and spring (makeup) ordeal format beginning in 2004.  The fall ordeal will be the weekend before Thanksgiving to avoid conflicts with most football and basketball games. 

Updated 9/25/2003

     The next LEC will be 10/5/2003 at Camp Osborn.  There will be no One Day of Service on 10/4/03. 

Updated 9/18/2003

     There will be a no LEC meeting 9/28/03.  Sam will let everyone a rescheduled time later.

Updated 9/6/2003

     There will be a LEC meeting 9/28/03 to make final plans for the One-Day of Service.  Sam will let everyone know the times later.

Updated 9/1/2003

     The makeup ordeal weekend has been moved from September to the weekend of November 21st to 23rd, 2003.  The move was necessary due to conflicts with football and other events.  Elections for 2004 officers will take place at the makeup ordeal weekend.  

     The One Day of Service for 2003 is now scheduled for October 4th, 2003.  The place will be announced later.

     The next LEC is scheduled for October 4th, 2003 to coincide with the One Day of Service.